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Media Coverage

RTSH Shkodra: Promovimi i fotorafisë së jetës egër.

RTK: Mysafiri i Mëngjesit - Sevdail Sulejmani & Jetmir Troshani 

ABC News Albania: "Jeta e egër" në Shqipëri

Wildlife World Photographers: Wildlife Online Event

Radio Ejani: Jetmir Troshani, fotografi i botës së egër

RTV Dukagjini: MOMENT - 08.12.2022

Radio Tirana: Sot në "Zërat e mesnatës" me fotografin e njohur Jetmir Troshani

RTSH Shkodra: Emisioni "PENA E SHKODRËS" nga Arjola Zadrima

RTSH: Fotografi Jetmir Troshanin, vjen me projektin "Ester"

Wildlife World Photographers: Bashkebisedim me miqt e fotografise

Top Channel Albania: Ftesë në 5, Liqeni i Shkodrës, magjia e ”jetës së egër”

RTSH Shkoder: Emisioni "MIRËMËNGJES SHKODER" me Merita Sokolin 

Premium Channel: Jetmir Troshani, fotografi i njohur na tregon per Kenian

Kohavision KTV: Ekspedita në Kenia e fotografit Jetmir Troshani

Albspirit: Jetmir Troshani: Në Shkodër lind Wild Europe

RTV21: Live nga New York - Jetmir Troshani

Bonu Kreativ: Tema: Jeta e Egër dhe Rëndësia e saj në Mjedisin tonë 

Zani i Malesise: Bota e Egër në objektivin e Shkodranit të talentuar 


Jetmir Troshani was born in the beautiful city of Shkodra, Albania known for its unique artistic shared values around the Balkan region. Raised with this art-loving spirit, he continued his high school studying for guitar. In 1997 he immigrated to the States. Currently he is a Project Manager and a part time Adjunct Lecturer at City University of New York. 


Wildlife photography is Jetmir's passion and hobby. He aims to encapsulate the natural world's beauty and essence, believing his work can elicit emotions and inspire conservation. His images strive to depict intricate wildlife behavior and unique animal species features, sharing his awe for the natural world's diversity and complexity with his audience.


Respect for animals and their environment is prioritized in his photography, maintaining their welfare and not disrupting their habitats. Jetmir's work serves as an authentic representation of the animals' lives and their natural surroundings.


Ultimately, his hope is that his photography sparks appreciation for the natural world and motivates action towards its protection. He believes that photography can foster meaningful connections with nature, nurturing a sense of responsibility for the Earth's valuable resources.

Projects, Exhibitions and Trips

  • Permanent exhibition, LaGuardia Community College, New York August 2023

  • Wildlife photography trip, Hungary, June 2023

  • Project "Snap in Flight 4" Shkodra Lake, Albania, June 2023

  • Exhibition "Wings of Albania" Washington DC, May 2023

  • Exhibition "Naturescapes" Long Island City, New York March 2023

  • Exhibition “Paths of Art” Kalamata, Greece, March 2023

  • Exhibition “Wild Spain Expo” Pristina, Kosova, February 2023

  • Wildlife photography trip in Valencia, Spain, December 2022

  • Exhibition “Wild Expo”  Shkoder, Albania, December 2022

  • Project “Ester”, Shkoder, Albania, November 2022

  • Project “Snap in Flight” Shkodra Lake, Albania, June 2022

  • Exhibition “Admirandum” Mantova, Italy, June 2022

  • Wildlife photography trip to Danube Delta, Romania, June 2022

  • Wildlife photography trip in Kenya, Africa February 2022

  • Exhibition "Vellezerit e Bashkuar" Prizren, Kosova, November 2021

  • Exhibition "Hide Away" Gostivar, North Maqedonia, November 2021

  • Project "Snap in Flight" Shkodra Lake, Albania, June 2021

  • Exhibition "PreFOTO 2020" Presevo, Serbia, November 2020

  • Project "Snap in Flight" Shkodra Lake, Albania, June 2020

  • Project "Snap in Flight" Shkodra Lake, Albania, June 2019

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