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FIOF 2024: First Prize in Nature and Wildlife Photography

Updated: Mar 19

I'm excited to announce that my photograph, showcasing the elegant dance of Common Buzzards, has been awarded First Prize and received the Golden Honorary Recognition in the Nature and Wildlife Photography category by Fondo Internazionale per la Fotografia (FIOF) Awards 2024. This achievement marks a significant milestone in my journey with wildlife photography, further enriching my commitment to capturing and sharing the beauty of the natural world.

This year, as FIOF celebrates its 20th anniversary, the "Orvieto Fotografia 2024" event in Italy from March 15-17 featured workshops, talks, and exhibitions exploring the evolution and future of photography. Topics included AI ethics, reportage, and portrait photography, with renowned photographers and experts providing valuable insights.

Having grown up and inspired in the culturally vibrant city of Shkodra, where photography first emerged in Albania, and having spent my adult life in the dynamic metropolis of New York City since I was 20, I am genuinely delighted to celebrate the pinnacle of my passion by winning the first prize from a highly esteemed institution like FIOF.

I invite you to join in this celebration of achievement. Visit FIOF’s website to view the winning photograph and share in the appreciation of nature's wonders.

In addition to celebrating this personal achievement, I want to acknowledge the tremendous support and contribution of the Focus Award, a partner in this significant initiative. Their support has been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for their involvement.

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