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Cameras for Science Exhibit

Updated: Jun 6

I had the honor of participating in the 5th exhibition of LaGuardia’s Camera for Science initiative. This year’s exhibit featured 51 stunning images from 33 exceptional photographers, including contributions from LaGuardia students, faculty, and the East-West School of International Studies.

My photograph, a detailed capture of a majestic Bonelli's eagle in flight. Each image in the exhibit showcased the deep connection between photography and science, two fields that have long shaped our perception of the world.

The exhibition highlighted how both photography and science are processes of discovery and inquiry. They continually reimagine and redefine each other, reflecting our evolving ways of seeing and understanding. Artists, through the lens of a camera, engage with scientific principles to offer new perspectives and experiences.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work alongside such talented photographers. Special thanks to the Communications and Marketing team for designing the beautiful website and to the Photography Program faculty and staff for their dedication in organizing this event. It was a remarkable experience to celebrate the intersection of art and science with the community.

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