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Wildlife Photography Adventures: Highlights of the Year So Far

An Exciting Year so far

It has been an exhilarating year so far, brimming with lots of opportunities to showcase our love for wildlife photography. In January, our team of Albanian wildlife photographers presented 'Wildlife Online Event' a series of short talks, each offering unique perspectives on the art of wildlife photography. In February, we held a photo exhibition in Pristina, displaying the captivating images we captured during our trip to Spain in December. Moreover, I successfully launched my website, a platform that reflects my dedication and passion as a wildlife photographer. March brought even more excitement as one of my photographs was featured in the "Trans-Balkan Exhibition: PATHS OF ART." Additionally, I had the opportunity to display my photographs taken in Kenya at the 'Naturescapes' exhibit in New York, which was showcased in the main halls of LaGuardia Community College. Furthermore, with a team of professionals we proudly introduced the Honorary Certificate for "Top Wildlife World Photographers", which aims to celebrate the tireless efforts and fervor of those who expertly capture the wonders of the natural world. April was very exiting with "Wild Expo" in Athens, Greece. This exhibition is a concept that was inspired by my passion for wildlife photography, and it has since evolved into a collaborative effort with a dedicated team of organizers from around the Balkan region.

In May I was invited to join the Arts and Exhibitions Review Committee (AERC) at LaGuardia Community College, which is part of the City University of New York. This esteemed committee has made significant contributions to the cultural and creative fabric of the community college, and its impact resonates strongly with me. By joining the AERC, I am excited to curate dynamic exhibitions that ignite engaging dialogues, broaden perspectives, and enhance the educational experience for our entire community.

June is an great month too. On June 11, some members of Wildlife World Photography hosted a Wild Talk, discussing their memorable experiences. From June 16 to 18, for the fourth time, "Snap in Flight" is taking place at Shkodra Lake, Albania. Additionally, another team of six wildlife photographers is heading to Hungary, making this month highly eventful. Truly, this year has been an incredible way to celebrate our shared passion for the beauty of the natural world.

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