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I took this shot of Whiskered Tern while sailing at Shkodra Lake, Albania.

The Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida) is a small migratory bird that breeds in Europe and Asia and winters in Africa. Shkodra Lake, located in northwestern Albania, is a popular destination for wildlife phtography and is home to a variety of bird species, including the Whiskered Tern.


Shkodra Lake is the only habitat in Albania where Whiskered Tern breed. During the breeding season, the Whiskered Tern can be identified by its black cap and black whisker-like feathers that extend from its bill to its neck. Its body is mostly gray, and its wings are white with black tips. During the non-breeding season, the black cap and whiskers are replaced by a white forehead and throat.


Shkodra Lake is an important habitat for the Whiskered Tern, which feeds on small fish, insects, and other aquatic invertebrates. The lake also provides important nesting sites for the birds, which build their nests on floating vegetation or in dense reed beds along the lake's shore.


Overall, Shkodra Lake is a great destination for wildlife photographers and birdwatching enthusiasts, with many species of birds, including the Whiskered Tern, making their homes there.

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Whiskered Tern

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