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I took this shot of Great White Pelican in Danube Delta, Romania.


Great white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) is a large bird that can be found in the Danube Delta in Romania, as well as in other wetland areas throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.


In the Danube Delta, great white pelicans are one of the most common bird species, and they can be seen flying over the waterways or roosting on the riverbanks and islands. These birds are known for their distinctive appearance, with their large size, white feathers, and bright orange bills and pouches.


The Danube Delta is an important habitat for great white pelicans, as it provides them with ample food sources, such as fish and other aquatic animals. The delta is also an important breeding ground for these birds, and they can often be seen nesting in large colonies on the islands and marshes throughout the region.


Great white pelicans are fascinating birds that play an important role in the ecosystem of the Danube Delta and other wetland areas around the world.


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Great White Pelican

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