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Snap in Flight at Shkodra Lake, Albania

Shkodra Lake in Albania is a magnificent and natural habitat for a wide variety of birds, making it a prime destination for wildlife photographers from all over Europe.

Recently, a group of wildlife photography enthusiasts came together to celebrate their hobby, share their knowledge, and contribute positively to wildlife conservation efforts in the area through an activity we called “Snap in flight”.

Day one of the activity was all about welcoming the guests and getting to know each other. The guests were shown to their rooms, and a delicious dinner was served. This was a great opportunity for the photographers to relax and unwind after their travels, while also getting to know each other.

Day two started early, with everyone getting into a boat and heading out to photograph Whiskered Terns. This was an amazing experience, as the photographers got up close and personal with these beautiful birds.

After the photography session, a workshop was held where the group discussed wildlife photography and conservation. This was a great opportunity for the participants to learn from each other, share tips and tricks, and improve their skills.

After lunch, the group went on another boat trip, this time to photograph the Dalmatian Pelicans. Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative, but the group still managed to take some great shots.

After returning to their rooms and freshening up, the group got together for dinner to celebrate the birthday of one of the wildlife photographers. The night ended late, with everyone tired but happy.

Day three was a quick one, with a breakfast and goodbyes to the guests. The group had a great experience, not only photographing birds and contributing positively to wildlife conservation efforts but also enriching their passion for wildlife photography and strengthening their community of wildlife photographers.

This activity was a great success. The group of wildlife photographers had an amazing time and managed to capture some incredible shots of the birds in Shkodra Lake. They also learned from each other, shared their knowledge and passion, and contributed positively to wildlife conservation efforts. This activity serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting natural habitats like Shkodra Lake, and the role that we can all play in achieving this goal.

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